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Freshwater Crayfish 5(1): 154-172 (1983)


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The 'crayfish condition factor': a tool in crayfish research

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The increased global interest in crayfish research demands an internationally acceptable means of standardizing the physiological conditions of the crayfish under investigation. A 'Crayfish Constant, K', with a mean of 0.222 ± S.E. 0.003 and a 'Crayfish Condition Factor, F' with a value of 0.855 ± S.E. 0.023 were calculated for 147 specimens of Procambarus astacus astacus. The 'Crayfish Constant, K' was constant for all sizes and both sexes of the crayfish in all stages of moulting cycle (P < 0.001). The need to introduce a 'Crayfish Condition Factor' into astacology is discussed.

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Adegboye D. (1983). The 'crayfish condition factor': a tool in crayfish research. Freshwater Crayfish 5(1):154-172. doi: 10.5869/fc.1983.v5.154



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