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Freshwater Crayfish 5(1): 299-306 (1983)


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The occurrence of crayfish diseases and their significance in Ireland

O'Keeffe C and Reynolds JD  e-mail link

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In a field study, growth, survival, yield, and reproduction of crawfish {Procambarus clarkii) were compared in replicated tanks planted with untreated rice seed (control), in tanks planted with Difolatan®-treated rice seed (Treatment 2), and in tanks planted with Difolantan®-treated rice seed which also received Propanil®, Ordram®, and Furadan® applications (Treatment 1). Each treatment and the control were stocked with 236 adult crawfish (male and female in equal proportions), and the tanks were modeled to simulate natural conditions in a rice/crawfish pond. The sequence of rice planting, application and amount of chemicals, and harvesting were the same as farmers follow. Tai1 meat of crawfish harvested from Treatment 1 and the control were analyzed for Propanil, Ordram, and Furadan residues. Six adult crawfish (all male) were harvested from Treatment 1, all tanks combined; no young were produced. Seven adult crawfish, consisting of five males and two females, were harvested from treatment 2; over 389 young crawfish with great variation in sizes were produced. Twenty-eight adult crawfish were harvested from the control, 18 being ma1es and 10 fema1es; over 275 young were produced. There were no significant differences (p > 0.05) in growth, survival, and yield among treatments. No pesticide residues were detected in the meat.

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O'Keeffe C and Reynolds JD. (1983). The occurrence of crayfish diseases and their significance in Ireland. Freshwater Crayfish 5(1):299-306. doi: 10.5869/fc.1983.v5.299



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