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Freshwater Crayfish 6(1): 48-56 (1986)


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The freshwater crayfish of New Guinea

Holthuis LB  e-mail link

Published Online: 1/21/2020


The crayfish of New Guinea belong to the family Parastacidae, superfamily Parastacoidea. The Parastacoidea are restricted to the Southern Hemisphere, and their range never comes close to overlapping with that of the other crayfish superfamily, the Astacoidea of the Northern Hemisphere; the distance between the two ranges is generally about 20° to 30° latitude and sometimes more.

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Holthuis LB. (1986). The freshwater crayfish of New Guinea. Freshwater Crayfish 6(1):48-56. doi: 10.5869/fc.1986.v6.048



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