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Freshwater Crayfish 12(1): 518-528 (1999)


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Ten years of trapping Astacus astacus for restocking in Lake Bronnen, a gravel pit in Bavaria

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The 3 ha Lake Bronnen in Bavaria, Germany, was initially stocked in 1985 with Astacus astacus juveniles. Due to the low density of predators the population soon thrived. But in 1990 it became apparent that the initial intention of producing large-sized crayfish for consumption (80 g +) could not be realized. Although the growth of the population was first exceptionally high, individual average weight decreased rapidly despite considerable trapping intensity. Between the start of trapping (1988) and the end of the experiment (1997) the yields added up to a total of 3,325 kg, corresponding to an average of 111 kg ha-1 yr-1. Considering the prices paid for noble crayfish of usual stocking quality (3 to 5 DM per one 30 g individual) 10 years of trapping in the lake produced a 300,000 DM turnover from selling undersized A. astacus for stocking, a value exceeding by far the commercial revenue of alternative fish culture! Finally, taking the annual catches as a basis an approach is presented to estimate the total stock and population structure of A. astacus in Lake Bronnen.

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