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Freshwater Crayfish 12(1): 705-713 (1999)


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Standardized sampling methodology for crayfish - the Swedish protocol

Edsman L and Söderbäck B  e-mail link

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In order to monitor crayfish populations in Sweden, considerable effort is put into test-fishing crayfish each year. There are, however, large differences in purpose, ambition and resources when monitoring crayfish populations. As a result almost no test-fishing is performed according to a general standard, and therefore hardly any comparable data concerning fishing results have been collected. To overcome this problem a standardised crayfish monitoring protocol was developed and presented in 1997. The aim was to achieve a balance between obtaining enough information to be able to analyse the data with some precision, and making the effort small enough to get most people to follow the standard. The people taking part in the programme and sending in their protocols would get an evaluation of the crayfish population in their lake or stream in return. The purpose of this paper is to describe a standardised methodology. It turned out to be difficult to get people to send in the protocols and a large part of the received protocols did not contain all the necessary information. Reasons for this and ways to improve the return are also briefly discussed.

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