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Freshwater Crayfish 14(1): 171-179 (2004)


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Long-chain alcohols reduce the electrical response of visual photoreceptors in crayfish

Fuentes-Pardo B and Hernández-Falcón J  e-mail link

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In this study we analyzed the effects of gap junction blocking agents (long-chain alkanols and arachidonic acid) on the electrical response of crayfish visual photoreceptors in order to test the proposition of electrical communication among retinular cells. Extracellular (electroretinogram, ERG) or intracellular (receptor potential, RP) recordings were obtained from eyestalks immersed in experimental solutions and ERG or RP characteristics were measured. Hexanol, heptanol and arachidonic acid reduced both amplitude and duration or ERG and RP. Effects were reversed after washing out the test compounds. Results support the hypothesis of electrical coupling among retinular cells a condition that would improve their functionality under natural light conditions.

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Fuentes-Pardo B and Hernández-Falcón J. (2004). Long-chain alcohols reduce the electrical response of visual photoreceptors in crayfish. Freshwater Crayfish 14(1):171-179. doi: 10.5869/fc.2004.v14.171



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