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Freshwater Crayfish 3(1): 275-279 (1977)


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Pulse activity in the crayfish abdominal nervous chain

Popov IV and Atmetchenko OA  e-mail link

Published Online:


This paper shows the results of statistical analyses of background pulse activity (BPA) in the crayfish abdominal nervous chain (CANC). Main numerical statistical characteristics and probability distributions of interpulse interval durations were analyzed in CANC using different positioning of recording electrodes on the chain connectives. Besides, a case was analyzed with successive cutting off ganglia. Activity in the CANC is a complex probabi1itic process that can be described either by exponential type distributions or by distributions which substantially differ from the known standard ones. A specific feature was the existence of stationary periods lasting over 5 minutes. We believe this allows the use of CANC BPA as a convenient detector of the crustacean CNS state under various environmental influences.

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Popov IV and Atmetchenko OA. (1977). Pulse activity in the crayfish abdominal nervous chain. Freshwater Crayfish 3(1):275-279. doi: 10.5869/fc.1977.v3.275



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