none none 1342-8144 Paleontological Research Paleontological Research Systematic Revision and Palaeobiology of Emplastron edwardsi (Van Straelen, 1928) gen. et comb. nov. (Crustacea, Decapoda, Astacidae) Entombed within Travertine, from Sézanne, France Robert J. O'Flynn Denis Audo Tadashi Kawai 25 4 2021 10.2517/2021PR007 1527-0904 Western North American Naturalist Western North American Naturalist A Molecular and Morphological Guide to the Pilose Crayfishes of Western North America Nicole G. Principe Kurt T. Ash Mark A. Davis Rachel M. Egly Eric R. Larson 81 3 2021 10.3398/064.081.0304 FRESHWATER CRAYFISH: Re-examination of species in the <i>Pacifastacus</i> subgenus <i>Hobbsastacus</i> (Decapoda: Astacidae)
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Freshwater Crayfish 22(1): 61-80 (2016)


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Re-examination of species in the Pacifastacus subgenus Hobbsastacus (Decapoda: Astacidae)

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Published Online: 12/31/2016


The genus Pacifastacus contains two subgenera, Pacifastacus and Hobbsastacus, the latter of which contains the following four extant species, Pacifastacus (H.) gambelii (Girard, 1852), P. (H.) nigrescens (Stimpson, 1857), Pacifastacus (H.) fortis (Faxon, 1914), and P. (H.) connectens (Faxon, 1914), and one fossil representative, P. (H.) chenoderma. Pacifastacus (H.) fortis and P. (H.) connectens were re-examined on the basis of the type specimens and additional materials collected from California (P. fortis) and Idaho, as well as Oregon (P. (H.) connectens), USA. Lectotypes of P. connectens and P. fortis were designated, and subsequently the two species were re-described and illustrated with their full synonymies. Brief diagnoses of P. (H.) gambelii (Girard, 1852) and P. (H.) nigrescens are also provided. Detailed distributions of these species are presented based on data from voucher specimens. Following new findings in this study, the generic diagnoses of the genus Pacifastacus and the subgenus Hobbsastacus were updated.

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Kawai T. (2016). Re-examination of species in the Pacifastacus subgenus Hobbsastacus (Decapoda: Astacidae). Freshwater Crayfish 22(1):61-80. doi: 10.5869/fc.2016.v22-1.61



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Tadashi  Kawai,* Aquaculture, Wakkanai Fisheries Institute, 4-5-15 Suehiro,, Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan097-0001. E-mail:

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   Manuscript Submitted: 8/10/2016

   Manuscript Accepted: 11/12/2016

   Published Online: 12/31/2016

   Published in Print: 12/31/2016



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