none none 20764324 20764332 Freshwater Crayfish Freshwater Crayfish Comparative fecundity of the imperiled crayfishFaxonius quadruncusCreaser and invasive crayfishFaxonius hylas(Faxon) in the St. Francis River drainage of Missouri, USA Mary R. Mabery Robert J. DiStefano Catlin W. Ames Dusty A. Swedberg Jordan S. Macke 23 1 13 2017 full_text 10.5869/fc.2017.v23-1.13 1566-0621 1572-9737 Conservation Genetics Conserv Genet Investigations on origin and status of a Faxonius crayfish population in the upper James River Basin, Virginia Paul R Cabe Morgan D. T. Frost Bradleigh E. Navalsky Zachary J. Loughman 23 4 853 2022 full_text 10.1007/s10592-022-01442-w FRESHWATER CRAYFISH: A complete mitogenome from <i>Orconectes (Procericambarus)</i> cf. <i>ozarkae</i> (Williams)
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Freshwater Crayfish 22(1): 95-98 (2016)


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A complete mitogenome from Orconectes (Procericambarus) cf. ozarkae (Williams)

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Published Online: 12/31/2016


Mitochondrial DNA sequences have been used extensively for studies of phylogeny, biogeography, and systematics in a vast array of taxa. In crayfish, the most widely used mitochondrial sequences are from the genes 16S ribosomal RNA, 12S ribosomal RNA, and cytochrome oxidase I. Other regions might perform well for certain questions, and entire mtDNA genome sequences might be very useful for phylogenetic studies, but these uses are curtailed by lack of sequence information. The complete mitochondrial genome from an individual of Orconectes cf. ozarkae (Williams) was sequenced, assembled, and annotated. The circular genome was 15,815 base pairs in length, and included the complement of 37 genes expected for metazoans, two ribosomal RNA genes, thirteen protein coding genes, and 22 tRNA genes. The gene order is equivalent to other species of crayfish from the family Cambaridae.

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Cabe PR. (2016). A complete mitogenome from Orconectes (Procericambarus) cf ozarkae (Williams). Freshwater Crayfish 22(1):95-98. doi: 10.5869/fc.2016.v22-1.95



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Paul R. Cabe,* Biology, Washington & Lee University, 204 W. Washington St., Lexington, VA, USA24450. E-mail:

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   Manuscript Submitted: 6/13/2016

   Manuscript Accepted: 12/14/2016

   Published Online: 12/31/2016

   Published in Print: 12/31/2016



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